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Equipment and componentry for mining industry


12.1 Hydrocyclones of O 70mm-1450 mm, hydrocyclone systems including pulp distributors, overflow and underflow tanks. Materials: polyurethane, steel casting, rubber-lined plastics (rubber thickness 15 and 25 mm), silicon carbide. More information

12.2 Fiberglass products Wear- and corrosion-resistant fiberglass floor gratings.
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12.3. Centrifuges and gravity-feed spiral concentrators.

12.4. Rotors and stators for flotation machines of various manufacturers.

12.5. Rubber mill linings, rubber panels and other elements.
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12.6. Ceramic products: ceramic impellers, hydrocyclone nozzles, pipes and pipe-bends.

12.7. Rubber and rubber-ceramic wear-resistant linings.
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12.8. Anti-adhesion linings for bulk material bunkers.
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12.9. Ore sampling equipment, conveyor- and pulp-based.
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