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Representative office in Atyrau

Why Atyrau?

The town of Atyrau is located in a rigorous but in its own way wonderful part of Planet Earth, in the Caspian Coastal Plain, in estuary of the inflow of the Ural River into the Caspian Sea. Geographically Atyrau is situated in West Kazakhstan, and it has the status of a region. Today Atyrau – is the main hydrocarbonaceous region of Kazakhstan, the largest center of gas recovery, a perspective investment market.

Development history

Company ENCE GmbH has been actively operating in Atyrau region since 2003 and the same year the Company established its constant representative office in Atyrau. The business development dynamics of ENCE GmbH in Kazakhstan required the creation of a separate independent link to do business in this region. As a result, the Company set up ENCE GmbH Atyrau Representative Office in Kazakhstan in 2006 that was accommodated in the NIPI KaspiyMunayGaz. The aim of its creation is to cooperate with enterprises located in the Caspian Sea region of Kazakhstan. As a result of its successful activity, ENCE GmbH Representative Office acquired another 200 sqm office in the centre of Atyrau.

ENCE GmbH Kazakhstan Representative Office is one of the Company's actively developing divisions.

ENCE GmbH motto is "Modern and reliable equipment, first-class service and mutually beneficial partnership"!

The staff of the representative in Atyrau are ready to render services in selection, designing, delivery and commissioning of the very modern facilities which meet the customers’ highest requirements to drilling equipment and tools as well as to outfit for gas production:

  • Complex reservoir pressure maintenance systems of modular construction
  • Flare systems
  • Fire-control systems
  • Generators running on associated gas
  • Complex vapour recovery units
  • Water demineralizers
  • Mini refineries

Besides, the Representative Office separately develops activity in the power engineering, ore-mining and processing and cement industries.

The specialists of Atyrau branch offer both complex technical solutions and separate units and components.

Representative Office staff consists of highly qualified and experienced managers and engineers who have great work experience.

There are two departments in the Representative Office: industrial equipment sales department specializing in metallurgical and mining industries and gas equipment sales department for gas and chemical industries. At present there are 10 people employed by Atyrau Representative Office. But taking into consideration the work load and quantity of orders, the Company is planning to increase the staff up to 15 employees.

Representative Office staff fulfills the following tasks:

  • Preparatory technical-commercial work for participation in tenders for supplying complete equipment and finished technological plants according to specialty of the company in the Caspian Sea region.
  • Organization and participation in supervision and start up when installing the supplied equipment.
  • After-sales services during the warranty and post-warranty period of the supplied equipment.
  • Detection and analysis of the current technical problems of the Customers in this region.
  • Compiling, collecting and checking the technical data during preparation of the technical tasks for the Company by the Customers.
  • Analysis of the current state of the market and alternative technical tasks, suggested to the Customers.
  • Organization of the technical-commercial negotiations with the Customers about the contracts for the equipment and accessories supply.
  • Staffing of the service department for maintenance of pumps, compressors, shut-off and control valves using the own recourses of the affiliate.

All these contribute to the service of the highest quality that we offer to our Customers.

Taking into account the increasing industrial capacity of Kazakhstan particularly in chemical, gas, ore mining and processing industries, ENCE GmbH development prospects in the region seem to be vast.

Our customers

Over the years, ENCE GmbH Kazakhstan Representative Office has established close partnership relations with numerous industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

These include:

  • TOO "Atyraumunaygasgeology", Atyrau
  • TOO "KarakudukMunay" Atyrau
  • TOO "JigerMunayService" Atyrau
  • AO "KazMunayGas"
  • AO "KazTransGas" Atyrau
  • AO "CNPC AktubeMunayGas" Aktobe
  • PF "OzenMunayGas" Aktau
  • AO "Caspian pipeline consortium" Atyrau
  • PF "Embamunaygas" Atyrau
  • TOO "Gyural" Atyrau
  • TOO "KazMunayGas - drilling" Aktau
  • SP "Sazankurak" Atyrau
  • GKP "Atyrauvodokanal" Atyrau
  • TOO "Atyrau Su-Arnasi" Atyrau
  • Western affiliate "KEGOK" Atyrau
  • AO "Atyrau-jarik" Atyrau
  • AO "Mangistauskaya distributing electronetwork company" Aktau
  • TOO "Mangistauenergomunay" Aktau
  • GKP "Aktau electric network management" Aktau
  • "КОR" Kzil-Orda city
  • SP "Kazgermunay" Kzil-Orda
  • AO "CNPC I-Dan Munay" Kzil-Orda
  • AO "Kaskormashsavod" Aktau
  • TOO "Caspian Sea region machine-building complex" Aktau
  • Corporation "Basis-A" Atyrau
  • AO "KasBurGas" Aksay city, Uralsk
  • TOO "Jayikmunay" Uralsk
  • TOO SP "Stepnoy Leopard" Uralsk
  • TOO "Karazhanbas Munay", Aktau
  • TOO "Mangistau Munay Gaz" Aktau
  • TOO "KazAzot", Aktau

Atyrau Thermal Power Plant has shown interest in purchasing spare parts for WOMA high-pressure unit.

Our staff work in close cooperation with KaspiyMunayGas R&D institute and Atyrau-based ISKER.

ENCE GmbH is looking forward to wider cooperation with major businesses engaged in new production capacity construction and comprehensive upgrading of existing capacity.

Please contact us at or (Attn. ENCE GmbH management) with your suggestions on cooperation in the region and inquiries about equipment procurement and servicing.

Our address:

Our address:
Kazakhstan, 060005 Atyrau Smagulova St. 56a office 2
Tel.: 8 7122 45 85 70 / 71 / 72
Fax:8 7122 45 81 75

The head of the representative office: Mr. Sergey A. Tochilin