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Pumps for beneficiation industry and various waste products transit

13.1. Horizontal quick-disconnect pumps for abrasive slurry transit, with removable hard metal/elastomer/polyurethane/alloy lining.
Flow rate: Q=15m³/hr - 8000 m³/hr
Head: Н= up to 80 m

13.2. Vertical pumps for abrasive slurry transit.
Flow rate: Q=13m³/hr - 140 m³/hr
Head: max. 35 m

13.3. Submersible slurry pumps for transit of dense slurries with solids content values up to 65% by weight.
Depth of submergence: max. 28 m
Solids size: max. 70 mm
Motor power: 30-90 kW
Flow rate: max. 600 m³/hr
Max. head: 10-60 m

13.4. Pumps for gravel transit Solids content: max. 65 %
Flow rate: 540 m³/hr
Max. head: 70 m

13.5. Ejector pumps

13.6. Peristaltic pumps
Flow rate 0,01 – 80 m³/hr
Differential pressure: max. 16 bar
Generates negative pressure at the suction end for pumping liquids with depth differential of 9,5 m.

13.7. Diaphragm pumps
Flow rate: max. 50 m³/hr
Discharge pressure: max. 6,9 bar

13.8. Portable pumps for pumping water with slush, sand and other admixtures; using rechargeable 12 V batteries
Pump weight: 15-26 kg
Particle size: max. 38 mm
Pressure: max. 2 bar
Flow rate: 0,16 – 1,14 m³

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