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Representative office in Kazakhstan

The company ENCE GmbH was registered in Hergiswil, canton Nidwalden, Switzerland, on 15.04.1999, and successfully does business in CIS countries, including engineering, equipment selection and delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

General information

ENCE GmbH has established subsidiaries and representative offices in CIS countries in the process of activities development in these countries.

  • 15.04.1999 is an official date of establishment of the company ENCE GmbH in Switzerland at Landweg 1, CH-6052, Hergiswil NW, Schweiz.
  • In 2002 ENCE GmbH established an official Representative Office in Russia at the address: 105082 Moscow, M.Pochtovaya St., Bld.10.
  • In 2008 ENCE GmbH Representative Office was established in the Baltics, in Lithuania, Kaunas - Karo ligonines 7-1, 44352, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 2010 - 2011 ENCE GmbH is planning to establish Representative Offices in Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan to do business more actively in this region.

Corporate Structure of ENCE GmbH and the Subsidiaries:

ENCE GmbH undertakes engineering and equipment selection and makes up a full set for chemical industries, energetics and metallurgy industry. At that ENCE GmbH specializes in search for high-effective, nonstandard and energy-saving solutions. The company also pays special attention to innovations and modernization of existing technologies. ENCE GmbH offers a variety of innovations which have industrial application and well-proven technology which will provide for appreciable spurt in competitive struggle.

Design and instrumentation solutions are made with the help of world leading equipment producers from the USA, Japan and Europe, who have concluded a number of exclusive agreements with ENCE GmbH.

ENCE GmbH decides any Customer's questions in the shortest possible time through the company subsidiaries and representative offices in Kazakhstan. The main activities of representative offices in Kazakhstan are as follows:

  • Accumulation and analysis of information given in customers’ enquiries
  • Joint filling in questionnaires on required equipment
  • Measurements, sample collection, available technical data analysis if required
  • Help to make up requirement specification
  • Discussion of the technology offered by the parent company with the Customer and search for optimal solution
  • Joint presentation with technical specialists of world leading producers of the equipment offered in the project
  • Participation in installation supervision in case of packaged equipment supply or turnkey installation on DDU or DDP terms
  • Help in commissioning and after-sales service of installed equipment by local service centers in cooperation with parent company specialists

When ENCE GmbH supplies processing lines and complex plants the company carries out assembly and makes testing taking into account industrial sector norms and regulations by efforts of ENCE GmbH subsidiaries and production sites of partner companies. As an option testing can be made in the presence of the customer experts who can take part in testing and even check out the whole manufacturing process. ENCE GmbH regularly holds presentations of modern high-technology equipment on customers’ sites as well as organizes customers’ staff training at production plants.

You can learn more information about ENCE GmbH activities, its subsidiaries and supplied equipment at the main company site