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Offshore platform equipment

The company ENCE develops engineering projects of equipment selection for drilling and oil-and-gas production offshore platforms and barges. The company works out, supplies, supervises, and runs after-sales service for the offshore equipment stated below:

  • pumping well oxidation modules;
  • pumping modules for flexible pipe cleaning and pressuring;
  • oil pumping modules on tankers;
  • triethylene glycol pumping modules for gas dehydration plant;
  • pumping modules for contaminant and CO2 pumping/return into the well;
  • methanol pumping modules;
  • compressors, heat exchangers, turbo expanders of gas processing modules.

Our specialists are always there to help you

Our engineers will provide advice or additional technical information about the offered oil and gas production and transport equipment

Please send your RFQs for oil and gas production and transport equipment to our Technical Department.