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Gas turbine maintenance service including supply of blades and components. Repair of worn-out parts of gas turbines

A dedicated fast-growing business line of ENCE GmbH production and engineering company is gas turbine maintenance service including the supply of new components (blades, vanes, other parts and materials), as well as recovery (repair) of worn-out components of gas turbine hot sections.

ENCE GmbH with its team of experts benefiting from the experience, processes and production capacities of global leaders in this hi-tech area offers its customers competitive maintenance services for a wide range of gas turbine models guaranteeing high quality of works and sophisticated components of gas turbine hot section which it supplies. While providing its gas turbine maintenance services, ENCE GmbH may not only replace but also repair worn-out components of gas turbines.

ENCE GmbH offers the supply hot gas path components and maintenance service for the following gas turbine models:
  • Siemens: V94,2 (SGT5—2000E), V94,3A (SGT5—4000F), SGT-600, SGT-700, SGT-800
  • GE (General Electric): LM2500, LM6000, 6FA (6F.03), MS9001FA, MS9001FB
  • Alstom: GT13E2
  • MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries): M701F4

ENCE GmbH is in a position to arrange manufacturing of moving blades and other components of hot-gas path using reverse engineering for all the above gas turbine models. You will find more details in our presentation.

Installation of an integrated system for gas turbine status monitoring:

This new concept software package is an exclusive product having no in-kind counterparts, even by GE, Siemens and Alstom (the software package is designated for downtime reduction and on-line monitoring of gas turbine operation in real time with visualization of DLE engine parameters). This software also supports environmental operation of gas turbines with efficient reduction in NOx, CO and CO2 emissions. This system has been already installed at several plants in Europe and has a proven record of operation.

Quality assurance and ENCE GmbH warranty period:

The key objective of ENCE GmbH is satisfaction of all customer (company) requirements through continuous improvement of quality control systems which are fully compliant with ISO 9001—2008 quality management standard.

Our products are kept in line with quality assurance guidelines. ENCE GmbH is capable to supply moving blades and other hot section parts with the warranty period equal to or exceeding that of OEMs for the proposed components from our partners — market leaders in this area. These components have a global proven record of operation at many facilities.

All the documents required for inspection and checking of cast components for the compliance of moulding, manufacturing process and coating will be provided with each consignment.

You will find more details on ENCE GmbH production and engineering company at our web-site or please address the company’s employees directly via E-mail: