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Oil-heating units


Oil-heating units complete with:

  • intermediate heat-carrier
  • convection heater

Application benefits:

  • No need to use additives to increase oil transport properties, which significantly cuts down expenses in oil pumping.
  • Pumped oil itself serves as energy supply for burners; associated gas can be used as fuel just as well.
  • Closed cycle technologies are applied to the maximum: combustion gas recycling, use of continuously circulating non-toxic heat-transfer fluid.
  • Environmentally friendly oil-heating units.
  • Oil-heating units secure set technological mode of an oil pipeline, meeting the highest standards in reliability, safety, automation and control levels, performance and economic parameters.
Oil-heating unit with intermediate heat-carrier

Oil-heating unit (OHU) automatically maintains working temperature set by operator, with accuracy 0,5% of specified value. Furthermore, exit temperature can reach up to 400°C.

OHU has numerous security systems, allowing them to function within prescribed limits. In case acceptable limits are exceeded the unit would stop automatically. Burner flame, heat-carrier temperature, exhaust gases temperature, heat-carrier flow rate, combustion air pressure are monitored non-stop during operation.

Oil-heating unit with convection heater

In these oil-heating units (OHU) crude oil is heated as it is passes through heat-transfer coil. The coil is heated by convection gases enveloping its outer surface. To improve efficiency and to limit burner flame radiation the gases are recirculated. The main advantage of this type of heater is the possibility to prevent surface overheat of fluid through pipe wall, which makes it suitable for crude oil sensitive to overheating.

Fully-convectional design of heat-exchanger allows precise control of pipe wall surface temperature. The heater can operate at surface temperature exceeding that of crude oil by max.2,8°C. Unit capacity ranges from 0.8 to 37 MW. Heaters increase crude oil temperature to the value set by the Customer, reducing its viscosity and thus preparing it for further transportation though main oil lines.

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