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Complex oil-water separator units


Well-drilling, oil well repair work, flushing and recovery of oil may result in extraction of product composed of both oil and water. Extracted components can either be clean or emulsified, under varied conditions, that hamper further oil processing. A solution to this problem lies in continuous separation of two-phase liquid into two streams by centrifugal forces. This process is carried out in a specialized centrifuge.

Core elements:

  • centrifuge Type ODB 260
  • circulation pump
  • pressure water pump
  • valves & meters
  • water tank
  • frame-electric service panel
  • service console
  • remote control console, no Ex-protection (to be mounted in a safe area)

Auxiliary equipment:

  • spare parts set
  • lifting equipment
  • feed pumps
  • pre-heating system

Flow rate: max. 250 m3/h
Head : max. 4 bar

Modular construction:
Lenght: 5365 mm
Width: 3460 mm
Height: 4797 mm

Continuous separation of crude oil, produced water, drain water etc.

Typical users:
Oil fields and refineries

System features:

  • Simple and space-saving design, automatic operation
  • Supplied as a pre-packaged, pre-assembled and tested system
  • Applicable in explosion hazardous zones 1 & 2
  • Low weight in running state
  • Control unit, incl. engine starter and programmable Logic-Control system
  • Designed acc. to oil standards

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