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Mini-oil refineries


Traditionally large-scale refineries are used in oil industry; these plants are supplied with raw oil or natural gas liquids through pipework or by tank cisterns. However, most new hydrocarbon fields all over the world are discovered in areas with very poorly-developed or limited transportation and processing infrastructure, sometimes missing as such at all. That is why manufacturers are compelled to choose between the following options:

  • either to develop costly infrastructure for transportation of hydrocarbons to the refinery plant already at hand, or to build a new refinery close to the oil/gas field, which requires extensive capital investment and is time-consuming.
  • the other variant is to install a high-tech mini-refinery plant offered by our company and launch raw materials processing on site or at any other location of customer’s choice.

State of the art modular refineries with output capacity of 10000 up to 600000 metric tons per annum (200-12000 BD) can produce a wide range of products, including high-octane gasoline, commercial jet fuel, kerosene oil, Arctic and summer diesel oils, furnace oil, asphalt, as well as gas-generated sulphur prills from gases preventing their emissions into the atmosphere.

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